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Product Details:
Product Length: 5.98 inches
Product Width: 5.12 inches
Product Height: 0.65 inches
Product Weight: 0.25 pounds
Package Length: 5.4 inches
Package Width: 4.9 inches
Package Height: 0.6 inches
Package Weight: 0.3 pounds
Release Date: May 19, 2009
Average Customer Rating: based on 17 reviews
Game Information:
Platform: Nintendo DS
Media: Video Game
Item Quantity: 1
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$10.99Used - MintAvailability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Comments: Game Only (Game Never Played), Does Not Include Cards

$10.99Used - MintAvailability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Comments: This game is brand new and never played, only the cards were taken from the game. So please be aware that the cards do not come with this game.

PriceConditionAvailability & CommentsAdd to cart
$10.99Used - MintAvailability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Comments: Game Only (Game Never Played), Does Not Include Cards

$10.99Used - MintAvailability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Comments: This game is brand new and never played, only the cards were taken from the game. So please be aware that the cards do not come with this game.

Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 17 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

20 of 20 found the following review helpful:

4Not too bad at all!Jul 03, 2009
By Kris
Overall I thought the game was pretty good. I used to play actively about 4-5 years ago and figured I'd pick it up to see what's all changed in the over all metagame. I've got to say the structure of the game itself hasn't changed much but all of these new cards make yu-gi-oh a whole new battle field. I was surprised when a duelist whipped out a syncro monster on me since I had never seen it before, but being a quick learner like I am - it took some time (going from graveyard to graveyard reading what this card does and what that card does) to get back into it and become average at the game again.

It's just as the guy said a couple reviews below, the deck you start out with is pretty weak. The opponents you play have pretty much themed decks (be it one deck based off of umi, another deck based off of zombies, etc). I think I'd win 2 or 3 rounds of of 6 duels.

It's fairly easy to rake in DP (Duel-Points) when you first start out, because your winning new bonuses and getting 100 DP alone for that new bonus. The bonuses are obtained after a battle and could be anything from:
-Decking your opponent out
-Max Attack Bonus (Getting A Monsters Attack High by Effect/Equip Cards, Etc)
-Exodia Finish Bonus
-FINAL Finish Bonus

My main advice for obtaining new cards is duel as much as possible and save up your DP, then go purchase all the packs in that specific set. There's 50 packs per set & your spending 150 DP, so you'll need 7500 DP per card pack (box per say). I started doing it this way because one guy had mentioned below that you get a lot of repeats on cards (which is true). If you buy the packs 50 at a time per set (Set being like Beginner Pack #1, Beginner Pack #2 respectively, etc), you'll obtain 90%+ of that specific set and you could move on to buying new sets of cards while getting your deck a lot better. Near the end of the game my deck mainly consisted of throw back cards (1900 4 Star Attackers like Spear Dragon, Archfiend Soldier, Mad Dog of Darkness, etc), these were obtained within the first set of packs offered in the game.

I was surprised when I was reading through the game and saw that there were 3 dueling styles : Normal, Speed Duel & Tag Duel. Being out of the game so long, I thought, "Oh crap - what's a speed duel?". To sum this up to any of the new comers, a speed duel is supposedly done on your motorcycle in the game (Your not operating the bike and dueling at the same time, your just dueling with a different background, seek youtube for example speed duels). Your given these things called speed counters, which are basically obtained each turn (they're incremented by 1). In order to use magic cards (spell cards, which they call "Speed Spell Cards"), they cost a specific amount of Speed Counters. I thought this was pretty interesting because each player wasn't able to use good spell cards until around the 8th or 10th turn, which if you had a deck of decent trap cards, could put you ahead of your opponent. Overall thought what I liked about Speed Duels were that it didn't have a limit on what speed spells could be use. For example Raigeki is banned from standard play, but in a Speed Duel you could use it at the cost of 12 Speed Counters - you can also have 3 Raigeki's in your deck - this is however the same with your opponent. What I found lame about Speed Duels were that you had a whole new different deck, along with a whole new different pack set for specific speed spells.

Initially, you have your stand alone spell cards such as heavy storm. The normal heavy storm card isn't allowed in a speed duel, if you want to use it you'll need the card "Speed Spell - Heavy Storm", which has to be obtained by purchasing the booster pack of Speed Spells. I didn't like the fact that your speed deck had to be a whole new different deck, this made me make use of the read recipe, delete recipe feature offered in this game, so whenever I was normal dueling or speed dueling, I could just use the same cards from my initial deck, in my speed deck (and then would just have to take out my normal spell cards). Overall though, I found the Speed Duels highly overrated and the decks of the players who you fight in Speed Duels pretty weak. Your actually at an advantage here because it costs to play spell cards, so take advantage of that!

The other two dueling styles are of course your normal and tag duels. My favorite was the tag duel offered in this game. You basically get to team up with a player in the game and go against 2 other players. This was interesting to me because when I played the game physically and we used to tag duel, we'd have our own monster, magic / trap fields and would have to wait til everyone made their first move (around the table), then we could start attacking, etc. In this game, you share the field with your partner so if your opponent starts out first and doesn't set a monster & it's your turn, you can attack directly. Being able to team up with a person from the game let me learn the strategy of that persons deck & have fun at the same time.

I had read a comment about how does the motorcycle have an affect on this game. Its basically for show, you have a motorcycle & have to get away from the police a few times, so they put you on a race track and you have to complete it in a given amount of time to get away successfully. It's pretty stand alone driving. Press A to Accelerate, Press B to slow down, use your D-Pad to navigate. The motorcycle doesn't play a huge part in the game it adds in for extra fun when your tired of dueling and want to race with it or something though. I went through the whole game without even upgrading parts so I wouldn't suggest you event waste your DP on it.

Overall though, I'd give this game an 8.5 out of 10. I appreciated the fact that it brought me back to the times when I used to play & introduced me to new styles of playing (the syncro scene & all). I picked up on alot. The -1.5 on the score I give it was because the overall campaign mode was way too short, lucky they give you a world championship mode where you can continue dueling and upgrading your deck though, so you'll have that to do after you beat the main mode.

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

4Very good, solid game card game, with good racing!Jun 28, 2009
By Athrun Aznable
This is a solid Yu-Gi-Oh game, which sticks with the real cards, unlike many other games.

STORY: The beginning is standard...amnesia. You end up in the slums awoken by Rally. Rally helps you and eventually helps get a Duel Runner for you. That's the basic beginning, without many spoilers.

GAMEPLAY: The environment is 3D, which looks well on the DS. The character is controlled with the D-Pad and you can run by holding B. The options, including working on your Deck, are accessed by pushing X, which brings up a few choices: Deck Const., Options, and Exit, with Duel Runner appearing later. The Duel Runner works with the D-Pad, with A for gas and B for Brake. I usually let off of A to slow down, but maintain speed. The duels are a standard affair, comparable to playing the real card game. Only a few cards have 3D effects, and so far for me, they have all been high level monsters, which appear 3D when summoned.

DECK: The deck can be modified to suit your needs, with over 2,800 official cards (I don't have near that yet). You can have 40-60 cards within your main deck, which is plenty, since all of the people I have dueled have only had 40 cards exactly. The starter deck is pretty good, if you have enough patience to get the flow of it. I probably have a 75-85% win against the AI, which may make it seem easy, but it's definitely not. The AI makes good moves most of the time and it may seem you are about to lose, but you may just draw the card you need. I enjoy setting 1 of my 3 Mecha Bunnies (came with the starter deck) and allowing my enemy to flip it, revealing 500 points of damage for him/her and if sent to the Graveyard, the ability to search my deck for another Mecha Bunny and place it face down, defense position. This allows me to tribute summon later, even if the original is sitting in the Graveyard. You win DP (Duel Points = Money) by winning or losing duels. Winning nets much more DP. You can buy Booster Packs with the DP for 150 DP each, and I usually win 300-450 DP per duel that I win. Losing nets around 20 DP. Almost all of the 45-50 Booster Packs I have purchased have come with new cards, although repeats do come and probably will occur more often the more cards you have, which is just like real life. I endorse buying 1-5 Booster Packs at a time, so you can remember which ones you want to add to your deck (just bought 20 at one time...bad idea). Booster Packs contain 5 cards each.

DUELS: Straight forward. Main Phase 1 = Set/Play/Activate cards (Monster, Spell, Trap), Battle Phase = BATTLE!!!, Main Phase 2 = Same as #1, unless you already Normal Summoned a Monster (can't do that again...you silly), End Phase = End Turn. They range in difficulty depending on how your deck is setup, just like real life.

DUEL RUNNER: You can race it, buy parts for it, and duel on it. (Haven't done one yet...may get back to this section later)

UNLOCKABLES: You can unlock things (New costumes, Booster Packs, etc.) by defeating opponents a certain number of times, 5 I believe.

WI-FI: Yes, you can duel over the internet. (I need to try this myself...to engrossed in getting cards for my real life deck, ZOMBIES!!!)

This is an excellent edition to any game library, especially a Yu-Gi-Oh fan.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

4Great game but lacking in spots.May 24, 2009
By J. Sallmen
The major problem with making video games from a standing franchise or series is how to make it fresh and new. In the past Konami has put a good games year after year for the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise, but usually they were the same thing over and over again just with different sets of cards. This time around as usual, the game is pretty solid.

First off, it has the most extensive card database of any game in the past, which is a good thing. However, I'm still waiting on every card to be in a game. I know that sounds ridiculous at first but it really isn't something unimaginable.

Second, the game incorporates turbo dueling and flat out racing. To those unfamiliar with the new series, turbo dueling works slightly different than normal dueling. It incorporates speed counters and speed spells. Some are just rehashed versions of old spells and some are entirely new. It really does tend to change the game around, because spells tend to be less common and more of a big hit. I'm not going to any further details about turbo dueling but needless to say, its new and a refreshing change.

Third, the card pack system is almost, if not entirely, identical to the real life versions. In previous versions of the games, packs were usually devoted to a specific type or attribute. Now the cards are given in the way they are in real life, with a theme but not necessarily all the same suit so to speak.

Now for the bad. There are really only a couple things to complain about. First, its the same thing I mentioned previously, the lack of all the cards. It's pretty close if I'm not mistaken. I cannot find an exact number but I estimated myself and It was well over 3000. Second, the story mode is pretty short unlike previous iterations.

Overall its a good game and worth picking up, especially if you haven't gotten a Yu-Gi-Oh DS game or you are a diehard fan like me.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5Best Yu-Gi-Oh game for the DS yet!Aug 05, 2009
By J. Lathrop
This is definitely better over all then the earlier games. I'd have to say the coolest thing is you can battle people over Wi-Fi! Plus over Wi-Fi you can download really awesome stuff Like card of the day, new ban list, new duel puzzles , and more!
It's one game everyone should get!

This make Wi-Fi Connecting easier!

Nintendo DS Wi-Fi USB Connector

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

4Definately worth getting if you have patience or an action replay.Jul 08, 2009
By Avey Victis
The game is fun but it can get annoying. In the main mode you walk around the city and when you meet people you duel them. One minor complaint I had was the fact that all the people you get to battle in game that arent from 5D's all look like each other with different paint jobs. I really wish they would have just used real Yu-gi-oh characters(Weevil,Rex,Yugi,Kaiba,Pegasus, etc.) instead of these generic tools. Another thing I didnt care for was the banned cardlist. I can understand limiting a card to 1 or 2 copies but why put it in the game if they wont let you use it at all. By beating the game ,however, they do allow you to use one banned card in your deck. Unfortunately this still means you cant use both Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning and Choas Emperor Dragon Envoy of the End in the same deck. The one thing about the game that is unforgivable is the part where you have to sneak around a security facility to get back your cards and duel runner. This section is extremely frustrating and pointless. I am supposed to duel not sneak past guards, this isnt Metal Gear. When you get to that part just look up a walkthrough. There are a couple really good ones that tell you how to pass the guards with ease. Back to the good parts. There are 2887 cards to choose from, which means you can build just about anything you could dream up. I also thought it was great that in this edition the Egyptian god cards arent banned, if fact you can put up to 3 copies of each one in your deck. Now I can build a deck with all 3 which should be interesting. Overall the game is fun and worth the money especially if the last DS Yu-gi-oh game you bought was back in 2005 like me. If you arent patient like me just buy an Action Replay. A warning though the get all cards cheats dont really work without messing up the game. There are a few packs you wont be able to unlock if you use the all cards cheat. The only way around it is to unlock those 3 or so packs and get 100% of the cards in them. After that you can use the cheat to get all the other cards except Soul Rope. For some reason with the cheat you can buy it, but it doesnt register that you did. To get Soul Rope just reset the game after using the all cards cheat, go in and buy it and wala you have 100% of the cards. I only recommend that you do that if you are like me and just want all the cards so you can play a duel here and there(i.e.on a short trip to say the dr's office). If your diehard into the cardgame then you should just play it regularly without cheating. In closing other than a frustrating section and a couple other minor complaints this is still a really great game for Yu-gi-oh fans and DS owners.

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